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  • What is DanceCuts™?
    DanceCuts™ is a music editing service for dancers and choreographers to easily create mixes for dance routines. It provides you with just the tools you need to make that perfect mix. We want to revolutionize the way dancers get their music. Try DanceCuts™ today! (It's completely free!)
  • Why did you make DanceCuts™?
    We felt like there needed to be an easier and more affordable option for dancers to make a quick edit or mix. So we made one.
  • How do I start mixing music with DanceCuts™?
    To start mixing, you'll need to first download DanceCuts. Simply jump on a desktop or laptop computer and head over to our downloads page: Once there, click the "Download" button! For help with installing DanceCuts, check out our video walkthroughs: Install DanceCuts™ on Mac ( Install DanceCuts™ on Windows (
  • Do I need an account to use DanceCuts™?
    Yes! But not to worry, an account is completely free! DanceCuts™ makes it incredibly easy to access your finished mixes or edits. But an account is necessary for this. Make an account > Download DanceCuts™ > Make a Mix > Mixes are automatically saved to your account
  • How do I make a DanceCuts™ account?
    There are two ways to make an account: Option 1: Head to our homepage and click the "Sign Up" button on the top of the page! Option 2: Download DanceCuts™ to your computer, launch DanceCuts™, and follow the sign-up prompts in the desktop application.
  • Does DanceCuts™ cost money?
    DanceCuts™ has a free tier which lets you use the full capabilities of Dance Cuts, with the exception of one or two features. If the free version doesn't cut it for your mixing needs, you can upgrade to a Premium account at any time! Check out our Premium page for more info:
  • Can I remix music in DanceCuts™?
    While DanceCuts™ is a relatively new editor, (released June 2022). we haven't focused our efforts on remixing music quite yet. That said, we do have plans for future versions of DanceCuts™ that will have drag 'n drop remixers to easily add more energy to all or just part of your mix.
  • What is the Free Mix Guide?
    We know that some of you will still prefer to use other editors, such as Audacity or Garageband, to work on your music. We'd still love to assist you! So we made a guide to help you edit and mix music properly in those other editors. DanceCuts™ or not, make sure you mix it right! Head to the Free Mix Guide page to learn more.
  • How does My Mixes work?
    My Mixes is your personal account page where you can access your recently exported mixes. You can playback, download, or delete your mixes from any device! Check our our video about by clicking here.
  • How do I get music to use in my mixes?
    This is something we are currently trying to optimize for you! But in the meantime: The best way to get music is by purchasing the mp3 files you need from Amazon Digital Music. (note: purchasing an mp3 file from Amazon Digital Music or any other online store does NOT give you any sort of copyright permissions). If the music you need is on YouTube or other similar streaming service, there are third party websites that will help you download them directly to your computer. (Be sure to get the proper permissions before using copyrighted music). We do not recommend using copyrighted music in your mixes unless you've obtained the proper permissions from the respective artists and copyright holders.
  • How do I use DanceCuts™?
    We have lots of in-depth video tutorials explaining how to do everything in DanceCuts™! Visit
  • Do you support Chrome OS/Chromebooks?
    Unfortunately, DanceCuts™ only works on Windows or Mac operating systems. However, we do have a new version in the works that will support Chrome OS, so stay tuned!
  • How do I cancel my premium subscription?
    You can cancel your premium subscription anytime in your Account Settings at Scroll to the Membership section, and click the "Cancel Subscription" link.

Can't find the answer you're looking for? Don't hesitate to contact us!

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